Clinical Scribe

Software for Automated Psychiatric Reports/Notes

Clinical Scribe

All DSM-5 content reprinted with permission from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders™, Fifth Edition Copyright © 2013 American Psychiatric Association. All Rights Reserved.

:::. A clinical note writer compatible with any Electronic Medical Record

Clinical Scribe is an advanced document automation software application tailored for clinical documentation.

:::. Note templates based on DSM-5 diagnostic criteria

We did the work for you. With permission from the American Psychiatric Association, we created psychiatric assessment templates based on DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for the most commonly seen disorders, with more added by request. Includes complete DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.

:::. Intelligent templates for initial evaluations and follow-up visits

Stop using your EMR's cumbersome templates that produce awkwardly phrased pseudo-sentences and over-documented notes. Clinical Scribe lets you pick the appropriate components to intelligently build the note you need.

:::. Developed by a psychiatrist

Developed for clinicians, by a board-certified physician in academic medical practice at a leading university medical center.

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